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What is a Nuru Massage

What is a Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage is one of the most intimate massage you'll experience with your partner. It is both fun to give the massage as to get one and you can turn the tables simple during the massage. Share your Nuru experience with your partner enjoy from each other like never before!

The Nuru Gels are also suitable for sessions of self-pleasure. "the so-called “Lingam” and “Yoni Massage” Nuru Gel is also a perfect lubricant that do not affect silicone, rubber, condoms and other toys during use.

The Ultimate Body Slide that’s is what one a Nuru Massage also called. Nuru either "Nori" is a Japanese word and means smooth. The Nuru Massage Gel known for its unique characteristics and can not be compared with massage oils. Nuru Gel is entirely water-based, 100% natural product. It does not stick and it is taste and odorless. After use it will rinse easy from your body. The Ultimate Body Slide that's what a Nuru Massage also is called.

The Nuru Massage is a style that originated in Japan. It is a very sensual massage between partners using full body contact. The whole body will relax and will be stimulated to a sexual desire for both partners.

It is a fact that people have a lot of fun to come into contact with each other. The use of Nuru Gel increased this effect significantly. A sensual massage using Nuru gel leads for partners to incomparable erotic feelings, and thus the sensuality may be experiencing without inhibitions. Summarizing the Nuru massage leads to a lot of fun and creates a special bond between you and your partner.

Nuru Gel is more like a Body2bBody massage!

Go for it if you want a Lingam or Yoni Massage
The Lingam Massage "penis massage" is a special massage for men. Lingam massage or masturbating with Nuru Gel will be a whole new experience for you! Today the lingam massage is among women very popular. Yoni means vagina and the highly sensitive massage for women. Here also applies that masturbating with Nuru Gel will be an eye opener. Women now dare to enjoy and let go all the way with this form of massage.

Let your partner carry you into unknown areas of prolonged pleasure and ecstasy. Are you willing to surrender yourself completely to a lingam or Yoni massage? Then you get the unforgettable where you will be taken to new heights.

Many people prefer the Nuru massage Gel compared to other massage oil products because of the extreme smoothness and intimacy that it entails is experienced as very sensual and soothing to the mind.

Many people prefer the Nuru massage gel compared to other massage oil products because of the extreme smoothness and intimacy that it brings with it. It is an experience as very very sensual and soothing to the mind.

Highlights at a glance:

  • tasteless and odorless, ready for consumption "no" taste 
  • Extremely smooth by adding the natural product seaweed “nori”
  • Contains no oil and is 100% water-based
  • Does not harm rubber and / or toys 
  • Do not leave marks or smell on the body after showering, it flushes directly from the body 
  • A unisex product to be used for miscellaneous forms of "self" pleasure 
  • The gels can be warmed in a Magnatron whether you choose nice and cool from the refrigerator 
  • Nuru "Body2Body" “Lingam "Penis Massage" “Yoni vaginal massage”

The Nuru Massage WIKI

A massage, especially with the Nuru Gel is not the same for everyone. We have tried to formulate the most important information about the Nuru Massage and leave the rest to you/your own imagination and desired. Nuru Gel is indeed a massage product with which is very much possible to enjoy each other.

Place the bottle or mix the contents of the bottle before the massage with warm / hot water in a bowl. The gel will take a pleasant temperature and it gives you the chance to take a nice hot shower with your partner. Because in the shower or bath Nuru the adventure actually begins.

After the shower you walk straight to the massage room and do not dry yourself. The Nuru gels work best in a humid body. The receiver lies down on the bed on the belly. The massage giver will divide the Nuru gel on both bodies. Do not be frugal with the distribution of the gel. You will notice that the most intimate moment falls or stands on the proper use of the gels. If you notice that the sliding effect is going to be a little less then put your hands through the warm water and bring your hands back on the body. You will notice that the gel become active again and you can continue your erotic game with Nuru Massage Gel.

Our NoriX Nuru Massage Gels

The Nuru gels, with the exception of the RAW NoriX are gels which are ready for use directly from the bottle. The NoriX RAW powder gel should be prepared with warm or hot water from your own tap. The Classic gel can be mixed with 1 part of water and the premium can be mixed with 2 to 3 parts of water to make it on a nice thickness. The Premium gel last longer on the body through its thickness. The Classic Nuru gel you do not have to mix it as it is brought to a humid body. However, a scale with hot water is recommended next to the bed in order to keep both gels nice and smooth on the body and during the massage.

Nuru gel does not stain, but for best results, make your bed Nuru Proof

Make sure your bed is Nuru-proof for the best and most delicious sliding result. The gels do not stain, but a fabric surface will absorb the gel and therefore the most intimate sliding Nuru effect of the gel will be lost. That's a shame, because the Nuru gel is known for its extreme smoothness.

We have a range miscellaneous bedsheets that can protect your mattress. We sell that in a budget and luxury quality. We also have the famous Nuru Air Mattress which is not only suitable for the perfect Nuru Massage, but can also be very useful on vacation or for your overnight guests.

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